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About us

By 2060, the world's building stock and electricity consumption needs to double 😵. Achieving this growth sustainably is challenged by big labour shortages and inefficient talent allocation processes.
Traditional job boards, word-of-mouth, and conventional recruiter models are not up to the task.
That's why we're launching Kablio, a job marketplace dedicated to the evolving needs of the construction and clean energy sectors.

Our mission:

Build a unified marketplace to make job and talent search easy.

Our Strategy:

  • FOCUS: Construction, Clean Energy, Infrastructure and Engineering only.
  • MATCHES: Delivering precise matches using AI, eliminating the need for keyword searches and endless scrolling.
  • REFERRALS: Empower everyone to refer their network to open jobs and get paid for it. (Coming soonish)
  • RECRUITERS: A fair and transparent marketplace where employers can find the right recruitment consultant for each role. (Coming soonish)
  • TRANSPARENCY: Fighting for job postings to include key information such as salaries, training opportunities, environmental records and more.

Our Vision

We're not just in the business of filling job slots. Our ambition is to ignite a passion in the next-gen workforce, steering them towards the fight for better housing, infrastructure and climate justice.

Our promises

  • 🚀 PRODUCT: Our current product is just the start, built entirely without external funding. We have big ambitions, so stick with us on our journey as we build something amazing.
  • 🥬 SUSTAINABILITY: The construction sector accounts for over 10% of global GHG emissions, and no energy source is entirely clean. We don't position ourselves as a green jobs platform to avoid greenwashing. However, we pledge never to post oil and gas jobs and are committed to providing comprehensive information on the sustainability and environmental records of employers, putting pressure on them to improve their standards.

Our team

We're a team of ambitious technologists spread across London and Paris. If Kablio sounds cool and you want to know more about us or have any feedback, please reach out to hi@kablio.com.Matt - CEO/FounderNotes:
  • We are committed to not posting and certainly not making money from oil and gas jobs. While we strive to keep such listings off our platform, our automated systems may occasionally miss them. We apologise for any inconvenience and assure you that we are continuously working to enhance our detection capabilities.
  • We're just getting started and it may take time to achieve our target match quality as we train our AI system, so 🐻 with us.
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Matt Florescu
Founder & CEO
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